House Rules For Shuffleboard at The Kingfish

Everyone can play but you have to wait your turn. Respect the rules of the house.

Everyone can play but you have to wait your turn. No charge but you have to respect the rules of the house.

General Rules

  1. Absolutely no drinks or food are to be set anywhere on the table.
  2. Team games are to 21. Singles play to 15. First to the finish wins (win by one).
  3. The winner(s) retain the right to play the next challenger.
  4. Challengers must sign up on the chalkboard in order to play.
  5. Team challengers require the names of both team members on the chalkboard.
  6. A challenger may not sign up to play for more than one team at a time.
  7. Challengers must be present and ready to play at the time of their game.
  8. Challengers who are not present and ready to play will be removed from the chalkboard and forfeit their turn.
  9. 2-person teams have priority over single players. When a single player is challenged by a team, the single player must accept a teammate or forfeit the table.
  10. The table may be resurfaced (only with shuffleboard wax) in between games if both teams agree.
  11. The table surface may not be manipulated during the game.
  12. Accidental fouls (interference) will result in the round be replayed with the fouling team losing a puck for the round.
  13. Intentional fouls will result in game forfeiture by the fouling team.

Scoring Rules

  1. The team with a puck furthest down the table after all pucks have been played is the scoring team.
  2. Points are counted for all pucks that are further down the table than the opposing team’s pucks.
  3. A puck must pass entirely beyond a scoring line in order to get the higher score.
  4. A puck that stops with an edge over the end of the table (a hanger) scores 4 points.
  5. The foul line is not a scoring line – a puck that stays on the table scores if it is past every opposing puck whether it crosses the foul line or not.
  6. Points will be tallied by both teams and scored on the electronic scoreboard prior to the beginning of the next round.
  7. In the event of a disputed point, a non-player will rule on the winning puck.

In the event of any disputes related to the outcome of a round, game, or the conduct of any player, The House (bartender or barback) will have final say.