About The Kingfish

The Kingfish is an authentic Oakland oasis.

It’s easy to slip inside, lose track of time and find yourself leaving hours later wondering where the time went. Being in The Kingfish is similar to being inside a museum exhibit or on a movie set in Oakland years ago. A realtor would describe the interior as “cozy” and “timeless”. No giant flat-screen TV’s blaring 7 different, irrelevant sporting events. No karaoke nights. No local hipster attempting to launch an acoustic guitar career.

What you get at The Kingfish is the neighborhood bar, born long ago and living well today. It has the strangest footprint of any building you will ever set your feet in. An L-shaped bar holds court over the “living room” where high-top tables front the bar with low-tops along the opposite wall. Seating in The Kingfish is at premium, except that sitting down can mean missing out on a lot of the fun.

The popcorn is fresh and free for paying customers - if you aren't a paying customer it's $300. Per piece.The popcorn machine is managed by the bar staff so that means you get fresh, hot popcorn; and yes, you help yourself to a bowl because it’s free when you are a paying customer.

Music at the Kingfish - you can be the DJ for a $1The digital jukebox can change the vibe of the place from downtown Kingston to Seattle to Detroit to Nashville and back to Oakland. Don’t let your visit pass without leaving your mark on the soundtrack of the day. The Kingfish is a bar without a musical identity, so your favorite song is probably on the jukebox.

In what can only be described as an architectural phenomenon, The Kingfish features an addition that juts out at an odd angle from the living room. The shape of the room creates an illusion for new-comers that the building is much larger.

It's old, weathered and we love it...

It’s old, weathered and we love it…

The shuffleboard table fills the addition, leaving a narrow corridor for players and spectators to share. Shuffleboard is the house game, favored by regulars and fun for all. The game is simple to learn, and 1st-time players frequently get their introduction at The Kingfish. The game is courtesy of the house, so rules must be followed and etiquette matters. Expect to wait your turn by writing your name on the chalkboard across from the table. Ask for help if you want to learn how to use the electronic scoreboard.

Pub food in California has evolved to the point where you can expect a trendy twist on old themes and still want your money back because it just isn’t as good as the old theme. The Kingfish has a tremendous alternative – we don’t have a kitchen and we don’t sell food! You can order from the menu from The Red Sea and their awesome staff will bring your food across the street. The Red Sea is a great Eritrean restaurant and we couldn’t be happier to make their menu available.

Draft beer is the go-to beverage for many of our customers. We offer a nice assortment of craft, domestic and European beers on tap and others by the bottle. Our Fish Punch is just that, modeled after a Caribbean version to sweetly knock you between the eyes.