Welcome To The Kingfish!

On the North side of Oakland in the Temescal District sits a small bar with a big heart. Unique in construction and history, The Kingfish now stands as one of the few remaining old bars in the East Bay. Opened as a bait shop in 1922, the building grew as the business expanded. Now The Kingfish stands as a testimony to the power of a place that is, in itself, an experience.Night or Day - come by for a beer

Visit us and become a part of the experience at The Kingfish.

This is Oakland heritage at its finest. Rub elbows with our customers and you’ll know all walks of life in the East Bay. At the bar you’ll find a healthy selection of draft beers and an able staff, ready to make whatever concoction suits your thirst. The televisions are most likely showing the A’s, Raiders, Warriors and Cal Bears games. The jukebox is a digital collection of something for everyone.The shuffleboard table is a popular destination where teams compete for the right to play the next challenger. We make fresh popcorn and serve it at no cost to our customers. The Kingfish endures as a place where people meet, hang out and have fun.

We support Cal athletics – so we drink…

When you walk down the old city streets in places like Oakland and Berkeley, it’s wonderful to notice the businesses that harken to earlier days. Neighborhoods like Temescal, Rockridge and Elmwood were all served by small retail districts that included hardware stores, bakeries, butcher shops, restaurants and bars. Time has closed many of these original Oakland businesses – so don’t miss the authentic experience of an Oakland bar that fights Father Time on a daily basis. You will never visit another place like The Kingfish.

We don't raise an eyebrow when a well-behaved canine escorts one of our patrons on a slow day...

We don’t raise an eyebrow when a well-behaved canine escorts one of our patrons on a slow day…

The Kingfish is a modest establishment, serving adult beverages during regular business hours. You must be at least 21 years of age to enter The Kingfish. We are able to offer terrific food to our customers from our neighboring restaurant, The Red Sea. Street parking is plentiful and we’re within walking distance of Rockridge BART. The legacy front side of the Kingfish has two flat screen TV’s and we will always favor a contest that includes one of our local teams. The back door leads to our new patio bar where there is outdoor seating, more TV’s and another bar.

Whether you favor the unique experience of the old bar or the sunshine of the new patio, we welcome you to visit and become a part of the Kingfish community!